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Open Lotus Living - my vision


The name came to me in a moment of clarity, and it felt right. It summed up my dream of assisting others to live their fullest potential, and in doing so, bring peace and harmony to our world. 

My Mission:

To assist marginalised people to be who they came to be. So many of us feel like we don't belong to this world, we want to change it but don't know how. We don't fit into the square hole, we're round pegs and we want to be who we are. I am here to help people have the courage to listen to their own heart, and live from this inner knowing. 

My Vision:

To see a world where we are celebrated for exactly who we are, so we may live from our essence, bring forth our own gifts and share them with the world, taking up our own rightful place at the table.  

Open Lotus Living:

A portal of peace. With offerings to bring peace into every area of our life, so we may enjoy living side-by-side with our brothers and sisters. 

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