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Voice Liberation Workshops

Voice Liberation - how free do you feel?

Do you speak freely? Sing your heart out?

Or do you hold back, stay small and shay away from all things spoken?

I've experienced both, and at school was as quiet as a mouse, but sang in choirs for my whole school life. I LOVE singing. And I LOVE to speak in Light Language too. So, sharing Voice liberation workshops seems like a natural step for me!

What's included?

Every session is unique, but will include some or all of the following:

*Movement and breath exercises to free up our energy

*Sound and expression exercises

*Toning and tone exploration

*Simple A Capella songs to sin together

*Light Language activation and practise

*Fun, laughter and hilarity!

Next session: Landed Festival - 28th - 30th July

I offer these 1-2-1 (in person or online), or for a group, hen party, festivals, or other events. Get in tough here to make enquiries about future events, or book below for a 1-2-1. 

1-2-1 session £33/hour

Invoice sent after you've booked

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