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Crystal Academies - my vision

*Beautiful surroundings where children are honoured for who they are as a soul

*Play, exploration and self-expression are encouraged, alongside academic and life studies

*Every individual is supported to be who they are in essence, and encouraged to express themselves

*Emotional wellbeing is as important as grades, and seeing each other as a Divine Being is inherent to how students are taught

*Healthy living, and real-life skills are integrated into all activities 

The vision came when I was out in nature, and it seemed obvious to me that all our schools could be like this, however, of course, for much of Earth that has not been the case. You may have already heard about Crystal Academies from Diana Cooper and other spiritual teachers and visionaries, yet I hadn't heard of them when I received this vision, the name came to me as clear as day, and I believe I was tuning in to the blueprint for the Golden Age of Earth.


I always felt frustrated at the limitations of modern schools where conformity and good behaviour were top of the list. It felt that the spiritual, emotional, holistic side of life was ignored: we were being trained to be "good workers". Luckily I seemed to be able to jump through the hoops of academia, and yet, I left school bereft of social skills, life skills, or tools with which to face life's many challenge! In the future, I see the schools being a joyful place to be, supporting a holistic way of being, and evolving as humanity continue to evolve as a collective. 


This download seemed like a logical step towards harmony and wellbeing right from the beginning of our life, rather than as a life-style choice later on in life!

May we all take the steps we are guided to make, so that our children can enjoy a better world x  

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