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Sustainability - my vision:​

My vision, my wish, for the Earth, is a world where there is no waste, less manufacturing, more peace, and everything that is made is made from sustainable products, and easily decomposes when its life has ended: Living in harmony with Mother Earth and our natural world in all areas of life.

My sustainability vision for Open Lotus Living:

*Using recycled goods wherever possible

*Reduction of paper waste wherever possible

*Using sustainable and ethical products wherever possible

*Promoting sustainable and ethical goods wherever possible

Why is this important to me?

For YEARS I was obsessed with not buying anything new, and struggled to allow myself some of the most basic things because so many items that we find on our high streets were made from slave labour and toxic products. Happily discovering products like "Faith in nature" and "Ecover" meant that I could live life in harmony with Mother Earth. 

Things I love that are aligned with my sustainable ethics:
*Natural soaps and cleaning products

*Moon Pads (Cloth menstrual pads - I've not purchased single use sanitary products for 10 years)

*Sustainable clothing

*Working from home


*Anything reusable, recycled or sustainable!

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