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Rainbow Centres - my vision:

My vision for Rainbow Centres came to me some years ago. These centres would replace our current hospitals, and include many holistic healing practises, enabling humans to come to peace, unlock their true potential, ultimately bringing peace to Earth, AND assisting with the evolution of our planet so we can re-connect with our Galactic brothers and sisters. 

Rainbow centres would include:

*Healing pods - chambers of healing where energy, light and sound would bring us to harmony

*Music, dance, and creativity in many forms

*Beautiful surroundings, crystal energy grids and a lot of water - streams and lakes

When did I have this vision?

I was sat with my friends in the Lunatic Asylum aka the "psychiatric hospital", and I seemed to be accessing a stream of consciousness that I believe was my higher self. People would ask questions and answers would flow forth, giving them peace and understandings. We were that day discussing the merits, (or lack of) the situation we were in, where we felt ignored, not understood or respected, and that we were in a different reality that our friends who were "looking after us". 


Without thought, I answered that in the future, there would be Rainbow Centres, and people like us were actually here to change the world. We are the rainbow people, I said. Little did I know that the Rainbow Prophecy was speaking of the same vision - where people would come together from all over the world and bring peace, and change for the better.  

A deep part of me felt that the people who were being judged and locked up, were actually the people who were sensitive, struggling to "join in" with a world we didn't believe in, and were actually here to bring about the changes in every system of live that would bring harmony, and peace with ourselves, each other and nature. 

Rainbow Centre Portugal:

For a few years on and off I lived in Central Portugal on land that was earmarked for such a Rainbow Centre. I met my first mentor Gregory Reece-Smith and was instantly drawn to his land and project, as well as every member of his family. (We had all lived other lives together!). Despite my wishes, the timelines weren't aligned, and so I came back to Wales, holding the vision that will unfold all in good time! 

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