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Coming to Peace - (click on this heading to go to new page)

A series of PDFs and courses inspired by the needs we all have:

to make peace with Ourself, our Mother, Father, God, and LIFE! 

Download your FREE PDFs to work through simple steps and bring healing to your life, or sign up to a seminar or course to delve deeper and bring more peace t your life. 

Dream-weaving your Life into being 

Use this free PDF to dream your new life into being. Taking different life areas, you take a guided meditation to see where you are headed, and find small action steps to move you forwards.    

Work it through coaching PDF

Use this free PDF to move through challenges, explore your skills and weaknesses, and find out your personal recipe for success.

Divine Healing Codes

Download the free PDF and receive healing codes from the Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael.


Be sure to read the intro for assistance. 

Main PDF

Update PDF


I love to share the wisdom of others, and invite you to check out the people I've worked with over the years who have inspired me and helped me along my path. 

Teachers, mentors and healers, all unique and awesome :)

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