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I am passionate about sharing resources that have helped me along the way.

Scroll down to find links to people who have changed my life. 

Leonie Dawson - Online Courses and Academy

Leonie continues to inspire me through her social media sharing and her inclusive way of being. I'm an affiliate and if you wish to sign up for her Brilliant Bizz academy, follow the link in the heading and sign up - we both win, and you can become an affiliate too!

Clare Hardy - Soul Realignment 

Clare's reading came at a pivotal time in my life, and assisted me in so many ways - confirming some of my own knowings and encouraging me to pursue the seeds I'd been planting for years

Benjamin Shure - Mind blowing soul healing and reading

Ben is without a doubt, one of the most incredible people I've ever met. I was introduced to him by a friend and just knew I had to follow the call and receive healing with him. He is such a pure soul, and his access to the unseen realms incredible. Go check him out! 

Angela Aurora Medway-Smith - Healings, readings and healer training AND co-author of EHO 

My mentor and guide, and lead author in the Energy Healer's Oracle, the book I have recently contributed to  - go check it out here - Angela is wonderful. I was called to zoom down to a MBS in South Wales and something told me to get a reading. That was 3 years ago, and I've continued to learn from, and be inspired by Angela ever since. 

DK Brainard - Fascinating and fun astrology readings

Astrology has helped me a tonne over the last few years, understanding not only myself, but the collective energies as we release and heal as a group here on Earth. DK is a great yet humble astrologer, with so much knowledge and yet is so down to earth. If you've not a personal reading, I'd highly recommend him! 

Karen Barclay - Reiki healing

One of my oldest friends and a lady who has been an inspiration to walk alongside, sometimes near and sometimes from afar, yet we always shared the dream to make the world a better place. Go check her out!

Gregory Reece-Smith  - Shamanic, cosmic guidance

Gregory was my first mentor, introduced me to coaching and someone I've shared many a metaphysical discussion with. He get's to the heart of any issue and assists in finding potent action steps for moving forwards in life! He also writes a great newsletter! 

Caroline Collard - Mid-Wales People's Health and Food Alliance

An incredible resource, connect the people of Powys with wellbeing facilitators and information for a better world. Please do check this out and register your interest!

Willow Jordan - Driftwood Hollow Healing

Priestess, healer, writer of Faerie stories, creatrix of incredible Fae wear, drum bags, and more, Willow offers unique healing from her base in Mid-Wales. Contact her through the facebook link attached. 

Robyn Harris - Equenergy

Robyn holds a warm and compassionate space for our wellbeing and walks alongside us in our journey to assist us to coming to peace with our journey and our self. LOVE this lady and I'm so looking forwards to sharing space with her in the future at wellbeing fairs and more.   

Jayne Lyons - Homeopath

Jayne is a homeopath based in my local town of Builth Wells... connect with her for in person or online consultations.   

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