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The Divine Self

Throughout my life I have felt connected to other times and places. It's slightly weird and yet completely understandable if we take our essence to be infinite, and multi-dimensional. 

My understanding of our Divine self, is that we have many lives, and many experiences throughout the universe and in other universes, yet luckily we experience only a part of that memory - otherwise it could be very overwhelming. 

Collectively, however, we are awakening, and therefore we are coming to a point where we can access a lot more of our memories through work in the Akashic records - where all our memories are stored.  

This Divine self then is our true self, under the layers of "should's", "fitting in", and "want to be". It is the simplest form of self, and the quietest!

How do we LIVE in our Divine self?

When I questioned this within, the simple answer came:

"by being as honest and authentic as often as possible".


The infinite choices of life can seem overwhelming, yet deep inside is our core, our soul's essence and this part of us will always know where we're going, or what is best for us in that moment - even if it seems at odds with our conditioning!


Little by little our inner guru will show us more and more of our nature, when and if it's relevant to us. At the heart of us all, we want to feel love, and share love, isn't it? And yet life has so many distractions.


Therefore, our quest is to quieten the chaos and be at peace:
"Be still and know that I am God" 

From here we can live in authenticity, and follow our own path, wherever that may lead us. 

With so much love to you,

Caroline Mary x

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