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Work with me

I offer various modalities, and would love to assist you in living your best life.
Book a clarity call now and find out if we're a good fit to work together.
We can discuss your needs and see what service is right for you. 
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Ascension Alignment Mastery

Weekly group coaching supporting you to live your best life, inspiring you to align all aspects of your life to live your soul's truth.

Ascension Alignment Coaching

1-2-1 support to assist you in exploring your soul's desires, spiritual practises, self-healing and energy wellbeing so you can live in alignment with your true nature and help co-create the New Earth with your life choices. 

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Coming to Peace Coaching

Unique 1-2-1 sessions to help you in Coming to Peace.

Bring compassion to yourself and others,

allowing peace to enter your life  

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Angelic Energy Healing

A unique healing just for you, channeled directly to your home via Zoom. Leave the session feeling lighter, clearer and ready to live your best life, connected to Angelic frequencies and activating your true divine nature. 

Light Language Activations

Unique transmission of Light Language from your guide and higher self to promote healing, DNA upgrades, speak your own Light Language and more. 


Munay Ki Rites

Receive the Munay Ki Rites in a group or 1-2-1, and activate your Homo Luminous. Sliding scale payments available, so do reach out if this speaks to you!  

Find out how we can connect through other group events here

and Wellbeing Fairs here

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