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A little bit about the numbers, energy and how we can work with them

Some time ago, I received an invitation to work with numbers.

Like many of you, I've been seeing double numbers for years, and love the feeling of alignment you get when you notice 3 lines of numbers all in harmony - it happens a lot when I'm driving!

What I didn't do always was tune in.

Now, I'm pretty used to asking questions and listening to the reply, but I never thought to go straight to the Source.

Nor did I know what that Source would be!

After receiving this invitation from the beautiful channel Carolina Oceana Ryan (you can find her here), I dutifully sat, pen in hand, and started to tune in.

The answer came as a surprise, and yet, it made sense. Who was I tuning in to?

The Keeper of the numbers!

As I write, I could feel there was a fresh message for us...

"Greetings dear ones.

Yes, we know it may seem strange to you that there should be a Keeper of numbers

And yet, are you not all responsible for some areas in your lives?

Well, would it be so different here?

Yes indeed, there are many of us who work with numbers, for, like energy, they are the building blocks of life, and yet, the Keeper of the numbers is a title that has it's own merit and discipline required.

(Resist not, and let me speak Caroline!)

I have come to you, to Caroline and her readers, for a very specific reason - and that is to reach out and SPEAK with you each, whenever you feel the need!

Every number has a frequency and in this case, can assist you with your daily lives.

You need not be an expert in maths, and in fact, this may hold you back for the intellect does not always allow intuition, as I'm sure you are aware.

Simply call upon us and invite to know which number energy would support you at this time.

For now, trust, and receive, and allow that every time you see your double or triple, or even quadruple numbers, your guides and higher selves are supporting you in activating, encouraging and comforting you, as is so needed at this time on your planet.

We are not strangers, you and I, for you will, some at least, work with me in the other realms, gaining your own understanding and learning to co-create in harmony with the building blocks of life.

Yes, it may well seem strange, tangled, intangible to you, but slowly and surely, your trust will grow, and you will open up to receive yet more information that you can utilise in your every day lives.

Know also that whenever you intend something, you are creating, and when you create, you cannot help but allow energy, numbers, colours and rays to be part of what you experience, as the things you dream of manifest into the physical realm. It is not necessary to be a master of it all to work with the energies of creation, though, we are sure you will enjoy your increased awareness, nonetheless.

We leave you now with the invitation to call upon us when you require assistance.

We bid you farewell,

The Keeper of the Numbers"

I have to add here that I was getting confused when I was typing the message - keeper or keepers. They say, "there are more of us speaking, yet only one Keeper, per say". There you go!

It never ceases to amaze me the clarity we receive when we really tune in and allow ourselves to get out of the way, and HEAR!

Incidentally, the first time I received specific number energy was the energy of 0, completion, and it was probably the first time in my life that I really did feel enough, able to let go of the needing, rushing, proving oneself. I stopped and sat in the number and it was so, so calming, so do give it a try as they suggested!

Much love and many blessings to you,

Caroline Mary x

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