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Your Free Gift: a light language activation


Welcome, and hello!

I'm so glad you're here and I hope you've enjoyed reading The Energy Healer's Oracle Volume 2 as much as we enjoyed writing it. 

As a follow on from my chapter on light language, you can now listen to the audio track below to receive an activation for your own light language to come through.

Light language comes straight from our soul, and the lives we've led in other realms. You could call it star language, as many of these lives were lived amongst different star systems, but usually it's known as light language.

When we're practised and attuned to the frequencies of other beings, we can also channel light language from other beings such as angels, elementals and dragons, not just our families from the stars. 

I see it called light language because we are channeling streams of light that contain codes for healing and activations, working on many levels at once. Some people can interpret the language, others feel it. Some people use their hands (I do occasionally), and otehrs write in their light language also. 

When asking my guides about light language, they said often we are transmitting energy that is already around us, but because it comes through with sound, it is picked up and transmitted more clearly, as though the volume has been "turned up". It's also tangible, whereas many people can't yet sense energy.  

If you'd like to meet and explore light language further, you are so welcome to book a call with me and receive a personal activation. 

In our call you can try out your light language, gain further activation(s) or simply enjoy receiving a personal light language transmission. 

By sharing our light language(s), we are activating each other's energy field, drawing down soul memories and activating our soul's gifts that are so needed at this time! It's a great way to bring healing to your energy system too. 


Your activation

When you listen to the audio track, release any expectations, just enjoy hearing the sounds and relax. When and if you're ready, you can join in and add your own sounds alongside mine. 

Listen to the track as many times as you like as it will bring you healing and alignment, alongside the activation to speak in your soul's own light language(s). 

Please share the track with friends and family if they are interested as it's my dream that all people are activated to speak their own light language for the healing benefits of this wonderful gift. 

Light Language Activation
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