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Violet Stars
Light Language Activation

We're souls, in a human body, and we have lived many lifetimes on Earth, AND in other star systems... 

In this time, many of us are awakening to our other dimensional selves, and bringing through our soul's light languages.

Light language is a beautiful way to express our soul's truth, bring healing and DNA activations, and clear our energy pathways.  

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What you may receive during a session: 

  • Light Language healing transmission

  • Activation of your own star Language(s)

  • Chance to practise your Light Language

  • Messages from our guides 

  • Sense of wellbeing, calm and peace

  • Personal revelations and inspiration about your life

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Terms and conditions: 

  • Light Language healing transmissions do not replace medical intervention, treatments or consultation 

  • Booking your session means you take full responsibility for your own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

  • Light language is a collectively agreed term for channeled soul languages and is not a copyrightable term

  • Sessions are intended for entertainment purposes only. Any benefit of side effect is a bonus. 

  • These sessions are offered with the highest intention, however if you experience discomfort it is for you take full responsibility for your wellbeing. 

  • Any insights or inspiration come from your own higher self. Open Lotus Living or Caroline Mary take no responsibility for your outcomes. 

  • Please consult a medical practitioner should you require medical assistance or guidance. 

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