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Your Free Gift: Angelic Vortex Activation


Welcome, and hello!

I'm so glad you're here and I hope you've enjoyed reading The Energy Healer's Oracle Volume 2 as much as we enjoyed writing it. 

As a follow on from my chapter about my journey with Angelic Vortex Healing, you can now listen to the audio track below to receive an attunement so you can connect with the Angels with more ease. 

Angelic Vortex Healing is the name given to the healing modality shown to me by the Angels in recent years.

Why so many Healing Modalities!

As you are probably aware, there are many healing modalities at this time, and when asking the Angels why there should be even more coming through, the answer was that there will be as many modalities as is needed to bring humans back to their full divinity. 

This means many of us will be gifted specific modalities aligned with our existing gifts and skills. This does not mean I am special, but it means I chose to be a conduit for healing and wish to be of service in this way!

In the near future, I will release training for this modality so that others can offer Angelic Vortex Healing to their friends, family, and clients. 

What is Angelic Vortex Healing?

AVH is a modality that uses swirling energy from the Angels to surround us and bring healing on all levels of our being. We can use these vortexes to clear our energy fields, bring physical healing, bring insights and understanding and more. When I tune in to the Angels, they show me more and more applications, as the energy they bring is divine, creative, inspiring and purifying. And it always brings the perfect energy for us at the perfect time!

Receive further Angelic Healing

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In the mean time, perhaps you'd like to book an Angelic Healing for yourself?

Use the link here to go to my Angelic Healing page, and let's find out what the Angels have in store for you.   


Your activation

When you listen to the audio track, relax and enjoy receiving the energy and guidance as it comes through. 

Each of you will receive slightly different energies as we are each unique and so our needs are too. 

Listen to the track as many times as you like as it will bring you healing and alignment, alongside the attunement to Angelic frequencies, allowing you to connect to them all the more easily. 

Please share the track with friends and family if they are interested as the Angels are happy to connect to as many people as possible!

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Angelic Attunement

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