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Ascension Alignment Mastery 

Gathering together in a sacred container allows you to connect with your truth, and allows your soul to speak, heal and flourish. 

Step into the greatest and most authentic version of yourself with the assistance of a weekly space held with love by our collective guides, and over-lit with Source energy. 

Gathering in a group, we all receive more insights, community support and inspiration from other people, and we share our healing journey, and make new friends at the same time. 

Every Wednesday 7 - 9pm
You will receive:
Weekly meetings to move you into alignment and authentic living - in ALL areas of your life
Opening invocation including Angelic and light language healing and activations every week
Community support
Clear steps to work through for those"Aha" moments, release limitations and find clear steps forwards
Monthly or weekly subscription - no long term commitment 
Private facebook group for members
Discounts to my other offerings
With a sliding payment scale, this is affordable coaching for everyone: 
Pay weekly: £11 - 22 a session - Pay monthly: £44 - £88 a month 
Join Ascension Alignment Mastery
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Please read the terms and conditions here before commencing coaching. I will check you have agreed on the terms before we begin our session!

Coaching is not therapy, but may bring resolution to challenges you'd previously faced. Should you require counselling, please seek a professional counsellor, as I am a life coach and angelic healer.  

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