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Are we ever really ready?

I have been making my latest website for a few months. It's the first one I have really struggled with. And it's the first one that feels like it really counts. Eek.

And yet, if I don't get my website out in the world, it feels like I am not IN the world.


Because at the current time we are in, our website is our portal: a portal to our inner world, our offerings in the outer world, and it allows us to speak our truth in a platform that stretches across the world.

No biggy!

And so, I have called in my spiritual support, dowsed over some of the choices, and taken a few steps every few days, so the steps I make count.

When do we know we are ready?

I have beaten myself up for years about not being further along than I am, and yet, truly, how could we possibly be anywhere but where we are? Is there any need to be further along? Really?

There are some who would say, "feel the fear and do it anyway", but I also feel the expression "Only fools rush in" count here too.

If I take too many steps too quickly, many times, I've felt a cosmic twang as though an elastic band has pulled me back, and I feel unable to move forwards again. It just wasn't quite the right time.

You see when we're working with Spirit, there are things that unfold with ease, a petal at a time, and if we try to force a flower open, does it ever truly blossom? Or will it open with some crinkled petals, the sign of struggle, never quite taking up it's true shape...

I know I'm ready when:

*The idea is clear: I have clarity about my end goal.

*I feel energy supporting my action: it feels easy to take the action.

*I am not rushing or pushing: it simply unfolds, a step at a time.

*I can easily stop, and take a break, knowing the next phase will flow.

What happens when this is not aligned?

When I take action "before time", it feels forced, there is an urgency and I am pushing too hard. Force, rather than flow, desperation rather than faith.

Is there something you are pushing too hard towards?

Often when we are pushing too hard, there is an underlying reason, and with a little digging we can find it and let it go, and come back to taking inspired, yet peaceful action, that feels clear and unfolds like a flower in the morning sun...

To find out if you are pushing too hard, ask yourself these questions:

What is the motivation to achieve this goal right now?

How am I feeling? Why am I feeling this?

What will I gain by completing it now, rather than later? What am I avoiding by taking these steps now?

Some or all of these questions might be relevant to you, but I know from coaching many clients that if there is an urgency about an action, there is usually something underlying that roots back to childhood!

My own rush to finish my website (and of course see success in my healing ventures) was to please my father! As an adult, it has felt like I've failed at a lot of things, whereas, as a child, I was a straight A student with many musical accolades under my belt. However, my spiritual and healing work cannot possibly unfold from a motivation of pleasing people, otherwise it is for all the wrong reasons! Ironically, my father will probably never even see my website as he finds my work a bit woo-woo, so in real time, there is just no reason to "finish it for him'!

You see when we unhook ourselves from the egoic/inner child motivations, we are free to pursue our true creative inspiration, in the time it takes naturally, with ease and grace.

If you'd like to explore your own motivations towards your goals, why not book a call with me and let's see what we uncover.

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