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Everything is valid: our life is or curriculum

At times I’ve hated my life, hated who I’ve been, the choices I’ve made, the clothes on my back, the lot….

I’ve wallowed with the best of them, wanted to disappear, to shut the door and turn life away. Thing is though, no matter how dark it has got, I’ve always known that I was a soul in a human glove, and that there is life eternal, and that I came here for a reason.

It doesn't mean it doesn’t hurt, it just means that shutting it out with food or Netflix (my most recent vices, which you could consider altogether more healthy than constant marijuana, sex, or cocaine!) is all the MORE frustrating when I know there is something else going on behind the scenes.

So what am I getting at, when I am inviting us to “accept everything as valid”?

When we think it’s us in control, our life can be pretty limited, and the life “out there” pretty daunting. In fact, so daunting it can freeze you up when that nervous system kicks in and the triggers come out to play. Yup, that’s been me so many times.

And yet, when we pan out to a cosmic viewpoint where we each have guides, a higher self, and access to the Cosmic wisdom, the wisdom of the ages, and a whole lot more, then everything starts to make sense.

There are no accidents, only lessons, blessings and souls meeting souls to overcome and exchange karma, learn lessons, and come a little bit closer to their truth.

And what is our truth?

The being-ness of our unique cosmic self, the Christ self, the God-seed within, wrapped up in our Human body, who came into embodiment for the journey of ascension, to rise up through adversity and claim our cosmic victory!

We are inherently divine, on a mission to heal, to come back to wholeness and always seeking more light, more knowledge, and more peace.

No matter where we are on our journey, we’re pushing through something. Whether we’re seeking a mystical experience through medicine plants, or a heart connection through facebook! Whatever the action, we’re seeking to gain something or some experience, or seeking to avoid something else.

Some of the worst times I’ve had, have shown me the most lessons, those I could see no other way. So, the universe delivered a shock, and I really had to take a look within, dig deep and find the gold.

There's always a rainbow if we look for it hard enough!

So, how do we find something valid in our experience? We start asking questions, that’s what.

Inside us each is a connection to the Divine, the Holy spirit, the Silver Cord that connects us to our higher self. With practise and discernment, we can ask questions and receive answers…. that is as simple as it gets.

We can use all the divination tools we like, but when we ask within, we get an answer within, and it FEELS right. Even if our ego is yelping NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Literally, you can start with simple questions, “Is this in my highest good?” and receive a yes or no. When you really start asking, you may get pictures, knowings or a clear voice, depending on what latent skills you already have, at receiving your inner wisdom, your intuition.

When you start moving down the road with your psychic abilities, you can have full blown conversations with your higher self, or guides. However for the start, you can always get a yes or no. The trick is to then trust it, despite your ego’s protestations, which, by the way will happen, I can assure you!

I invite you.

Forget reaching for the latest magazine, the latest theory, the latest quirky fad. Listen deep within and you will become your own guru. For we each have a destiny to connect once more with the God within, and become God-incarnate, divine creator beings.

“Ask, and it will be given, seek, and you shall find; knock and the door shall be opened”,

Mathew 7:7

Three easy ways to use your intuition:

1. Think of a situation that is bugging you. Ask “How is this serving me?”, or better yet “What can I learn from this?”

2. Think of a choice you have to make and you’re not sure about. Ask “Is X in my highest good?”

3. Think of a person that challenges you. Ask “What are they showing me that I’m not happy with?”, How can I learn from them and come to a place of compassion?”.

Thinking outside of blame, anger, or frustration means we surrender to what IS, and let go of what we THINK should be happening. In that way, we allow that the Universe is always trying to help us get back on track, to know our souls, to be creative and stream the life force and live our highest life. When there seems to be a pause, there is good reason.

Please don’t think I’m advocating that we ignore our feelings, by any means, but I am inviting that we look within when the strong emotions have passed, to gain the wisdom that helps us move forwards in peace.

My recent time of struggling with my teeth has opened up all sorts of understandings about feelings I’d been holding on to, fears I’d not faced, judgments stemming from an Atlantian life, and assisted me to bring more of my soul back to peace, and let go of a little more division within and without.

Keep on asking questions and being open for the answers to come to you in ways that defy logic… for we are moving from the linear mind to the quantum mind, to the cosmic mind, to live trusting our soul.

If you wish to read more of my rambles, or check out how you can work with me, find me on Facebook, Caroline Mary, or at

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