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Coming To Peace Coaching

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Are you frustrated with yourself? Angry at life? Resentful towards your parents or friends? Feeling hurt by your colleagues?

Let's work together to find peace, unravel challenges, and bring healing to your hurting parts. It's my pleasure to hold a compassionate space for you in Coming To Peace Coaching.  

What you receive:

Feel held and supported by Guide and Angels in sacred space   

Feel seen, heard and loved

Unravel the challenges your are facing

Receive Angelic and Quantum healing 

Find actionable steps towards your best life   

Leave with more peace, tranquility and compassion for yourself and others

Dedicated support and encouragement   -   Email support in between sessions

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Please read the terms and conditions here before commencing coaching. I will check you have agreed on the terms before we begin our session!

Coaching is not therapy, but may bring resolution to challenges you'd previously faced. Should you require counselling, please seek a professional counsellor, as I am a life coach and angelic healer.  

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