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PTSD, trauma and soul loss

Ever heard someone say, “Just let it go”? and wanted to punch them in the face?

You see, when we experience a profound event, or even something simple, that we, or others, feel we may need to just “let go”, often we’re experiencing SOUL LOSS.

This shamanic term speaks of a fracturing that occurs in the time of a stressful event, and in fact can be something of a saving grace: a coping mechanism for something that is just too great to handle at that time.

Symptoms of soul loss:

*Feeling in shock

*Not being grounded

*Flashbacks of a situation

*No memory of a situation

*Feeling dissociated

*Easily triggered about similar situations/same person

I could go on, but this in essence is what happens when something shocks us and a part of us “leaves our body”

This is a highly common situation with child trauma, especially sexual trauma, which is why people often don’t remember the situation and later in life start to have flash backs or wonder “what the heck is wrong with me?” as in my case.

Despite sounding serious, bringing this part of us “home” is actually simpler than people may think, and is essentially what counselling or therapy does. It allows space for that part of us to process what happened in a safe environment and integrate the energies that were stuck or fractured as a result of the original situation.

When we heal, we experience healing on all levels:

Physically, we may feel better, clearer, more energised, free in our body once more, flexible and healthy, as our energy is not scattered or stuck.

Mentally, we will often gain new understandings of the situation that ultimately brings us peace and forgiveness.

Emotionally, there can be a lot of layers that may need to be accepted, which is why in traditional psychology people will talk about denial, shock, grief, anger, acceptance and other layers, but it can be different for everyone, and different parts may be more or less difficult to access, as we are all slightly different in our journeys.

Spiritually, the soul fragment needs to “come back home”, and be re-integrated to the whole, and join back to the fullness of our being. We will feel more inspired, peaceful and contented and ready to move onwards in our life.

Meditation can invoke the peace needed to integrate our soul parts, gain understanding

and come to wholeness

Soul retrieval can happen not just through therapy or meditation but in many ways, including quite spontaneously:

*Talking therapy

*Movement therapy such as ecstatic dance

*Spontaneously through triggering and integration


*Talking to friends or family

*Shamanic healing

You see, when we start to process the event, it’s time. We don’t always get to choose consciously when it’s time, and when I work with clients, I talk about “bubble”, and others may talk of waves. Waves or bubbles of old energy that spontaneously rise up, ready to be healed and integrated.

At this time, there is a great amount of healing energy from the sun, known as Solar flares, meaning we are all being healed whether we ask for it or not. This rising of energy sparks relaxation and therefore the releasing of things we’ve held in our body.

Symptoms of soul retrieval happening: *Emotional Flash backs

*Feeling disjointed from your current world momentarily

*Feeling the wrong age (i.e. you’ll feel the age of the trauma)

*Feeling many emotions at once as the part of you starts to release in to your conscious self

*Images or flashes of the original situation happening

*Understandings and epiphanies as you understand things from a new perspective

Again, everyone is different and this is why there are so many healing modalities coming to light right now.

If you feel like you have some healing, it is great to work with someone, but it’s also possible to journal and work with your self, by accessing and accepting the situation that has happened.

This is the process that I use myself and I either journal, use EFT, or speak out loud to a Spirit Guide or Angel:

*Acknowledge how you are feeling - all the layers - until peace comes

*Sense in the body all the sensations and feelings and let them have space to move through and release

*Describe what happened and what was challenging

*Seek to understand from all sides

*Seek to give myself the love and understanding or whatever else I needed at that time

*Check in to find if I feel at peace and repeat the process until I am at peace.

Many people, many healing modalities

Some years ago I was stressing, thinking I’ll never be able to learn all the modalities available in order to help people, and I was told by spirit there was no need. Different people work differently to access their fragmented or suppressed parts, and therefore different modalities and practitioners work with different people, there is no right or wrong, as long as it works for the individuals.

I love the quote in “A Course in Miracles” that suggests that healing happens “when one person momentarily has more, and another momentarily has less”, meaning that we are ALL healers, if we’re in the right place and time, and sometimes just listening to someone with an open heart and open ears, means you’ll enable them to speak out the story that got trapped and integrate something they previously weren’t ready to do.

There have been many people in my life who have listened to me when something spontaneously has come to light and in being heard and accepted, the feelings of completion somehow happens - that is the Miracle that A Course in Miracles speaks of: a moment in time where relations occur and peace returns.

For all the people who are still feeling fractured, bless you

For all the people who listen with “The Ears of God”, thank you

For all the people who are yet to embark on their journey to wholeness, bless you

And for all who have helped me on my journey, thank you

Caroline Mary 4.8.23

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