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Trauma, life challenges and going within

I was sat writing about numbers (which I will publish soon), and was pondering trauma, and some of the challenge I was currently experiencing in my life. The dear Elohim jumped in to give me some insights from their perspective:

“When someone shouts at you, limits, doubts or questions you in some way, take this as an amplification of something within, even at the tiniest level, and, acknowledge, it feels “off” because it is: a negative command that inhibits your life flow. As you duly respond, accordingly, you may not know whether it is (from) you or another - for it is just energy.

Whilst you consciously choose better for yourself, the most loving essence in all things, you will indeed encounter things coming into your field that take you by surprise, like a drench of rain on a summer’s day. Know this, allow this, to test your mastery is how you respond.

Do you agree? Shut down and spiral downwards? Or, do you question what occurs and make amends within, and be in gratitude for that which you are being shown?

Turn within dear hearts and claim your power, the power of your divine self, to choose love, even if it feels challenging!”

In my own life, so many challenges have taken me by surprise and then, when I turn within, ask to be shown what I can learn, what this is healing, how I can move forwards, I’m always light of heart, realising that everything is teaching me something, and by taking this higher viewpoint (though not always easy at ALL!), we can always stand up again, learn, and grow and move forwards to pastures anew.

The morning's example, that has been “hanging around” in my life is the feeling of being a failure.

Today was the day, I actually claimed this feeling, rather than trying to ignore it. I did some EFT to release the tension I was carrying and could see this is a theme that I have been holding tension about from childhood. There was fear of punishment, ridicule, rejection and danger, and therefore every time I “fail” as an adult, my body has been going in to shut-down, through fear.

This huge crumple-like energy has taken it’s toll, and many, many times I’ve felt withdrawn, stagnant and really not quite “in the world”.

Today, when I finally went to meet these parts of my soul, there was relief. I realised that I had been scared of the outer world, the outer repercussions of failure and in my adult life I had become my own persecutor. I believe this also stems from other lives ("past" lives) where I have felt so guilty at my actions (injuring partners, keeping slaves, controlling my household etc.) that I have carried a weight with me, feeling that I was not worthy of love from the outside world, nor God, nor my beloved Angels and Guides.

I can tell you, this has sat heavily within me at times in this life, and that is why I am so passionate about helping people delve into the feelings, and connect to the soul parts that are stuck, and bring love to them, so we can stop the spiral downwards and bring healing.

Thank you Elohim for the message, channeled a few days ago in between number channeling! It was so spot on for what I have been feeling of late, and a great reminder of what I know, but don’t always apply!

I asked them to come forth with a little more information around this subject:

“We are glad you have asked, as we know there are those amongst you that would feel you cannot accept that your outer world is a reflection of you inner world. It seems like a crazy dream to say this, yes? And yet, we ask you consider life from a higher vantage point. If, in a life, you departed your body, wracked with guilt for the errors you have made, would you not WANT to come back and make amends? Would you not want to learn and have the chance to grow through your challenges? Would you not want to come and “take back” all that you may have given out in anger, or rage and balance the books?

Karma is not punishment, nay, but a way for your soul to learn and grow. Many of you may choose to dismiss the notion, but if you look at your challenges as just that (challenges), rather than punishment, you will realise that nothing is “wrong”, but there is a series of experiences you have chosen to learn from, for your own unique reason.

This is reason why so many times brothers and sisters on Earth judge each other, or themselves, not realising they are playing out a re-planned play for their growth and learning.

Take part and take heed for you can easily come within and find the solutions that your heart seeks. There are many in the spirit world that would assist, should you ask, and ask, you must, for we will not forgo your free will. And, when you do, we will assist you in bringing forth the healing and ease you seek, when you face the feelings, the fear, acknowledge that you are thinking and come back to peace in the way you feel right for you. We will guide you towards meditation, journalling, speaking with your guides, or simply receiving the healing energies that you are all deserved of, and wishes to fill you, as much as you seek it.

We close with love, and invite you to call to us, the Elohim to assist you in your journey on Earth.


Well that told us! This time is a great reckoning, not with punishment as it may sometimes feel, but to bring alignment, healing, harmony to all areas of our own life, and the collective who live on the planet at this time.

It is with pleasure, I bring you Angel healing, Ascension Alignment Coaching, or Light language transmissions to help you on your way! Message me to make an appointment, and let us sit in sacred space together as you come back to peace.

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