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Ascension Alignment Coaching


Held by Source and our Guides in an etheric container, I facilitate you to live your greatest life.

We work together to assist you to clarify your goals, move past limiting beliefs and dissolve energy blocks so you can live by your own inner guidance. 

Book your session today and enjoy changes in your life unfold in front of your eyes as you

claim your divine co-creator-ship of your life.

What you receive:

Opening healing invocation   -   Feel seen, heard and loved

Clear coaching steps to find clarity,

release limitations and dissolve energy blocks

Actionable steps towards your best life   -   More energy, focus and motivation

Dedicated support and encouragement   -   Email support in between sessions

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Please read the terms and conditions here before commencing coaching. I will check you have agreed on the terms before we begin our session!

Coaching is not therapy, but may bring resolution to challenges you'd previously faced. Should you require counselling, please seek a professional counsellor, as I am a life coach and angelic healer.  

"As a friend and confidant Caroline is both perceptive and empowering, regularly supporting me to experience my own conclusions and epiphanies. Highly recommended!"

"Caroline has been a total life saver. I feel totally safe with her to talk about anything and she has helped me gain clarity in areas of my life really quickly. Her unique way of working has helped me to clear blockages and make big decisions with ease. Really looking forward to working with her in the future." 


"I feel empowered when in Caroline's presence. She is such a strong woman and healer whether it be through her work with movement/dance, sound, shamanic healing or simply talking/listening."


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