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Releasing with the falling leaves

It’s an image we’re all familiar with in the Northern Hemisphere… September comes, and the nights draw in, the late summer sun low in the sky.

October comes and the leaves are beginning to turn in colour, ready to drop to the ground and blow in the breeze, crunching under foot as we walk through our favourite woodland, gathered in piles in our gardens, providing shelter for bugs and hedgehogs.. .

But can we use this scene to harness the changing seasons and release our own leaves, the leaves that are spent from this season?

I feel like all I do is release at the moment, and in part this is because I was too proud to admit I had challenges in the past. I smoked pot, partied and tried to ignore the pain I was carrying. I was too stuck to allow myself to dream, and too scared to ask for help for a million and one reasons that I’ll leave for another blog.

But right now, dreams are coming in thick and fast, like my soul has been waiting to catch up, and now I’m getting ideas coming in a go-go.

I’ve learnt that not all ideas will come to pass, and that other ideas are for years in the future. And still other ideas are from the collective consciousness, things that I will see around me in the coming months or years.

But for those ideas that stick, I, like so many people, have to face all the subconscious blocks around the particular theme or idea.

For example, I’ve seen a few times now that I may indeed experience marriage in this life - and for some this might be a given. For me, that has not been the case at all. Body dysmorphia, gender fluidity and a general feeling of discontent has meant that connecting with another for marriage has felt very far away indeed.

For sure, I’ve had some wonderful relationships in this life, and I’ve bene very lucky with my parters and yes, often enough I’ve felt like I was pretending, “playing house”, like I was borrowing them, and it wasn’t really my life.

And sure enough, when I’ve worked with Akashic realm specialists, they’ve confirmed that it wasn’t in my life plan to have children or to marry. I had some karma to resolve and heal, and then I wanted to be of service with offering healings to others. The other stuff I deemed “would get in the way”.

In order for me to allow myself to enjoy another lovely relationship in this life and one that bears the fruit of marriage, it's possible I need to face some of the deep rooted fears around being worthy of marriage, and also that my marriage wouldn't sabotage my soul's missions in this lifetime. There are probably some other beliefs such as not believing that men can be committed in relationships too... Eek!

You get my drift. You can wish for something all you like, but if you don't believe it to be possible, then you will be in limbo land, wishing and hoping and yet not believing!

The thing is, we have to FACE our fears and limiting beliefs, rather that just hoping it’ll turn out ok.

And yes. For a long time, that was me, all over the place.

I had a wishbone, rather than a backbone as Derek Rydall says.

So, on this blustery October morning, I invite you to join with me a harness the power of autumn, and the waning power of the recent full moon and let’s do some releasing, and allow our leaves to fall…

Releasing with the falling leaves:

1. I love to use art when I’m releasing, so I invite you to draw a huge tree with leaves dropping down, leaving space in the middle of each leaf to write your releasing prayers

2. Write in each leaf something you’d like to release from your life, this could be beliefs, habits, people, feelings… whatever you’d like to release

3. To release you can do the following:

Burn the paper in a safe place and give thanks for the spirit and element of fire to transmute the energies for you

Set the paper on your alter and ask for the violet flame to consume everything from the list

Shred the paper and sprinkle in the compost to let Mother Nature compost all that you’ve placed on your list

4. If you feel like it, you can draw a tree with new leaves, and the things you'd like to replace all you've released.

5. Give thanks for all that has been in your life until now and the experiences you’ve had to bring you to this point

Other releasing techniques:

**Fire ceremonies are great for releasing, and really powerful. Take a stick and blow anything you’d like to release into each one, placing them on the fire to burn up what you're releasing.

**Journal everything out of your system and get it out of your subconscious.

**Use EFT to release thoughts, feelings and beliefs about a given subject.

**Speak to an angel or guide and ask them to assist you to have clarity around a certain subject

**Ask what you need to learn about a situation in prayer and journal out everything you’re feeling around the situation.

Today I am releasing a lot of grief and feelings around my family, and allowing myself the time to feel my feelings, rather than trying to help cushion everyone else in the family and ignoring the feelings that I had shoved aside for years! It feels really, really strange to not make a plan for an adventure to get out and about, and stay in my cosy flat, allowing myself the time the unravel that which I’ve bene carrying. Just for me.

And it’s ok to take that time, so we can move forwards lighter, and make space for new shoots to appear in the spring…

Happy releasing folks, and blessings most high to you <3

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